Albert Herring, Opera Chapman, 2007

Albert Herring, Opera Chapman

Gianni Schicchi, Opera Chapman 2008

Gianni Schicchi, Opera Chapman

Suor Angelica, Opera Chapman 2008

Suor Angelica, Opera Chapman

Technically demanding, acidic, and dense, the score requires a wide dynamic range, and a capacity to go from zero to 60 to zero at whim.The orchestra navigated its way through this thorny and complex piece with authority and confidence, the percussion enforcing a brutal order on the chaos, the second movement’s no-look ending handled deftly. Wachs guided the ensemble with energy, precision, and a welcome sense of clarity and poise. He doesn’t dance. It’s all business: big, broad and direct. You can forgive him for getting swept away on occasion because he brings the orchestra with him.

– Orange County Register